Guten Tag, Bimmer Freund!
(Good Day, Bimmer Friend!)

Welcome to my little site. It is dedicated primarily to the legendary BMW 2002 but features info relating to other models as well. As always, it is a work in progress. If you have suggestions or constructive criticisms of this site, please let me know.

A little personal info:

I live in Ladner, British Columbia, Canada. I have been involved with BMWs since 1986, when my younger brother bought a rather tired '73 2002 for kicks, neither of us knowing much at all about 2002s (I was into Datsun 510s and 240Zs at the time). Instantly upon driving it, I could tell that this was a car that had a soul. As I worked on it a bit and experienced the superior quality of engineering and construction, the hook was set. A 2002/BMW junkie was born.

Over the years and especially with the advent of the Internet, I have learned much about the care and feeding of the 2002 and BMWs in general. Through this site, I hope to give a little bit back to the community that is still teaching me so much and has helped save my time, money and at times peace of mind, all the while enhancing the enjoyment that comes from driving these wonderful cars every day.

Come in, poke around, and hopefully leave with something more than you came - be it a juicy tidbit of information or simply a wider smile.

Best regards,
Zenon Holtz


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