My 2002s

1973 BMW 2002
Colour: Verona red
Owned since: 1996
Engine mods: Megasquirt-based fully-programmable electronic fuel injection and crank-triggered ignition.
Suspension mods: Bilstein HD shocks, Eibach springs, E30 6x14 alloy wheels with 195/60/14 tires.
Safety Mods: Hella H4 E-code headlamps, Fiamm air horns, LED HMSL.
Misc. mods: 80A Alternator (from 318i), electric engine fan (from 320i), relocated battery, intermittent wipers (using the relay from a '76 2002), 320is Recaro Sport Seats.
In the works: Turbo!!!

This is my second '02, replacing a Fjord blue '73 that my brother originally bought as a "cool car" for his senior year of high school. Being the mechanic in the family, I became the primary caregiver for that car and over time I came to appreciate the fine engineering and quality workmanship that had gone into creating this Bavarian machine. Together, we had completely stripped and repainted it and for a while it was a shining example of the breed. But it still needed much TLC to make up for years of neglect by previous owners. When my brother became tired of the constant attention an old car requires, I took ownership and began to improve the mechanicals as they needed replacing. Eventually, the car died of terminal rust in the rear shock towers. I had driven that car for almost 10 years and parking it under it's own power for the last time was a sad day. Fortunately, it's spirit (and all the good parts) lives on in the present red 2002.

Some day, it will receive an extensive cosmetic restoration, including paint, new front fenders, and many small dent/rust repairs. My intention is to keep the car looking as stock as possible and upgrade/update components where it makes sense. The car must remain true to the "practical sportscar" nature of the original design, since the car will remain a daily driver. I like the idea of blowing the doors off of unsuspecting, overly-confident "sporty car" drivers in a mild-looking funny little old furrin' car. Muahahahaaa!


1972 BMW 2002
Colour: Golf yellow
Owned since: January 25, 2003
Bone Stock, other than for Bosch H4 E-code headlamps and
VW Intertia Reel Seatbelts.

Despite the pretty paint job, the car is pretty rusty underneath. The drivers frame rail and floor will need to be replaced and there are numerous other rust holes in the trunk and around the rear subframe mounts, mostly on the driver's side. Mechanical status is unknown for now, though the engine does run OK. I am definitely planning to restore it, though, keeping it as stock as possible. What can I say? It was inexpensive, complete, and just look at that colour - it practically glows in the dark!

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