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6 April 2003 - The Accidental Guibo Fest

The day began like any other Sunday brunch get together with some fine dining.


Al, Michael, Trevor and
Eddy stand in
reverent attention.


We then, not atypically, gathered at Al's Rustic Country Estate for more camaraderie and some light wrenching on our beloved '02s. If you listen carefully, you can hear the banjos playing in the background.


There's a total of 8 2002s here - can you spot them all? And BTW, Where's Waldo?

april03guibofest84.JPG april03guibofest85.JPG april03guibofest89.JPG


The day's planned activities were adjusting the automatic choke on Michael's '76, changing the engine and diff oil in Eddy's '71, plus attending to other minor issues as they were brought up.

The day became much more "interesting", however. While running a short errand to the parts store, Eddy suddenly became aware of a new and ominous vibration in his trusty car of many colours - the very car that had to ferry him across the continent in less than a month! Investigation led to a startling discovery - his guibo was gone. It would have to be replaced before the car could safely be driven!

Michael W, Trevor, Eddy


Eddy sez: "I'm a lucky punk!"

The failed guibo was definitely past its expiration date and now had more in common with feta cheese than rubber. However, like an elephant, it knew where to go when it was time to expire. Yep, Al's yard!




As luck would have it, Al had a brand new OE-quality guibo in his private stock, and Eddy was able to quickly install it with the benefit of the BC '02 OG's aggregate wisdom. Total down time was only 1.5 hours!


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