The BC '02 Owners Group
A Special Interest Group for British Columbia BMW 2002 Owners
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We are '02* owners, who seek to meet other '02 owners residing British Columbia - particularly the lower mainland. We keep in touch via our e-mail based discussion group. We are not a "club", just a casual group of people that share an interest in these wonderful cars - no one is "in charge" and there are no membership fees. Presently, there are about fourty of us.

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Mostly, we ask each other for advice, help each other with repairs, or trade parts. Sometimes, we just wax lyrical about the cars, for no particular reason. Occasionally, we get together for drives, food, and/or tech sessions. To find out about upcoming events or see pictures of our past activities in meatspace, visit the Events Page.

*Definition of an '02:
"'02" is a blanket term referring to BMW's 1600 and 2002 models along with their Neue Klasse ancestors and many variants. Basically, it covers any BMW 4-cylinder cars from the early 60's to mid 70's.

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