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Spanish Banks '02 Meet
18 May 2003

(Click on images to enlarge)


The weather cooperated and over fifteen enthusiastic '02 owners came to Spanish Banks to hang out,

ALDSCF0002.jpg ALDSCF0003.jpg ALDSCF0004.jpg
ALDSCF0015.jpg ALDSCF0006.jpg ALDSCF0010.jpg
MADSCF0008.jpg MADSCF0006.jpg MADSCF0004.jpg
MADSCF0009.jpg MADSCF00111.jpg ALDSCF0016.jpg
DSCN0017.JPG MADSCF0007.jpg ALDSCF0005.jpg
DSCN0020.JPG DSCN0018.JPG ALDSCF0013.jpg
DSCN0022.JPG MADSCF0003.jpg DSCN0019.JPG
DSCN0023.JPG ALDSCF0012.jpg ALDSCF0011.jpg
go for a little drive around town,
ALDSCF0019.jpg ALDSCF0020.jpg
DSCN0028.JPG MADSCF0012.jpg MADSCF0013.jpg
ALDSCF0022.jpg ALDSCF0021.jpg ALDSCF0023.jpg
DSCN0029.JPG ALDSCF0024.jpg ALDSCF0026.jpg
and have a bit of lunch.
ALDSCF0028.jpg DSCN0031.JPG DSCN0030.JPG

Photos by Al Larson and Zenon Holtz.



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