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A Special Interest Group for British Columbia BMW 2002 Owners
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Spanish Banks Meet

March 20, 2005


We all got soaked but the '02 love was undampened.

(Click on images to enlarge)

ab95.JPG be92.JPG be81.JPG
be82.JPG be83.JPG be80.JPG
be85.JPG be86.JPG be87.JPG
be88.JPG be91.JPG be90.JPG
be84.JPG be93.JPG be94.JPG
be95.JPG SB05meet82.JPG SB05meet81.JPG
SB05meet84.JPG SB05meet85.JPG SB05meet83.JPG
SB05meet87.JPG SB05meet88.JPG SB05meet86.JPG
SB05meet89.JPG SB05meet90.JPG SB05meet91.JPG
SB05meet92.JPG SB05meet93.JPG SB05meet94.JPG

Photos by Bill, Andy, Mo, and Zenon.

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